Numbers and Time cheat sheet (PDF)

A revolutionary new resource for Japanese learners

"Numbers and Time" Japanese cheat sheet (PDF version). Amazing collection of language information, organized elegantly and intuitively.

This is a digital cheat sheet for Japanese learners, titled Numbers and Time.

On it, learners will find an amazing collection of clearly organized language information, such as:

  • Vocabulary for months, days of the week, days of the month
  • 48 of the most common "counters" and a guide to how to read numbers with them
  • A large number of time expressions and grammar forms
  • Various prefixes and suffixes used when conveying numerical information
  • References for Japanese years, special words for various ages, and Japan's old measurement system

This is an amazing resource for Japanese learners for less than the price of a cup of coffee. And it's a PDF file, so it looks great on iPad/iPhone!

For more details check out Be sure to check out the FREE "Basic Japanese" cheat sheet which you can download there too.

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